UOL Financial Reporting (FR) Tuition

Effective & affordable UOL FR (Financial Reporting) tuition (AC2091)

Ideal for full time students or working adult doing UOL External Degree  but has limited time to study. Good track records with student scoring distinction (76 marks) in 2017 UOL exams.


Difficult Accounting Concepts made easy so that you can understand UOL FR in minutes. 

ü     Overtake the frustrations of textbook or study guide readings.

ü     Step by step guide to completing UOL FR past year exams questions.

ü     UOL FR exams techniques and strategy to score well for exams

ü     Exam-oriented & Results assured

ü     Precious time saved for your other subjects

Topics covered:

  • Consolidated Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position

  • Accounting for Associates

  • Joint Ventures & Merger

  • Accounting for Foreign Currencies

  • Accounting for Tangible Non-current assets and Intangibles

  • Construction Accounting

  • Accounting for Leases

  • Accounting for Taxes

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Reports

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Conceptual Framework

  • Employees' Benefit

  • Historical Cost Accounting

  • Current Purchasing Power (CPP)

  • Current Value Accounting (CVA)

If you need help in your UOL Financial Reporting, call Janice now at 9296-2216.  Limited places available…